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  • A cream and sea-green blank greetings card featuring a colourful and vibrant design of a whale under the sun, by Salacia Celeste.

    5 x 7″ Whale Art Greetings Card

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  • A unisex military green T-shirt with a square front design featuring a green Boeing Stearman PT-17 biplane with a silver tail and wings. The aeroplane is taking off from a tree-lined runway and the sun is casting a shadow of it onto the grass. The artwork is aged with dust, scratches and watercolour brush marks. It includes the text, Fly Vintage Stearman.

    Fly Vintage Stearman T-Shirt

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  • A cream and coffee coloured 5 x 7" greetings card featuring Two Ladies on a Terrace artwork by Salacia Celeste. The design includes two Indian ladies with a picnic and rolling hills in the background.

    5 x 7″ Indian Art Greetings Card

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  • Vibrant artwork by Salacia Celeste featuring two Indian ladies on a terrace enjoying a picnic. There are rolling hills, puffy clouds and a river in the background and the design is full of ornate embellishments.

    Indian Art Print

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  • A coloured ceramic mug featuring a print of hand-painted artwork by Salacia Celeste. The design is a close crop of an Indian woman's side profile including her eye, nose and hair which are embellished with jewels. The main image is brown and yellow with shades of green and red. The image background is vibrant red, matching the inner surface and mug handle.

    Indian Goddess Art Mug

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  • This colourful blue flask with whale under the sun artwork includes a detailed hand-drawn image by Tea and Medals resident artist, Salacia Celeste. This vibrant design features a blue whale swimming in the green ocean waves under an yellow Aztec sun. It also includes an octopus with long tentacles and a sailing galleon.

    Whale Art Travel Flask

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  • A metal travel mug with a black lid featuring a sepia coloured Tea and Medals mountain range design with biplanes. The slogan "a life of adventure" is written below the Tea and Medals logo.

    Tea and Medals Thermal Travel Mug

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  • Fly Vintage Tiger Moth T-Shirt

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  • Fly Vintage Super Cub T-Shirt

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  • The Tea and Medals Tiger Moth mug features a Fly Vintage logo with propeller and wings, "Tiger Moth" text and a blue and red digital watercolour image of two de Havilland DH82 biplanes flying through blue skies and thin layers of cloud.

    Fly Vintage Tiger Moth Mug

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  • The right side of a vintage-style white ceramic mug featuring the Tea and Medals logo and an art-deco Adventure Calls slogan. The mug includes 1930s photographs including the Ancient Pyramids, Sphynx, Taj Mahal, and an ocean liner on the Suez canal.

    Adventure Calls Vintage Mug

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  • A white ceramic mug featuring a grey and sepia-coloured misty mountain range, the Tea and Medals biplane logo, and the slogan, "A life of adventure."

    Tea and Medals Mountain Range Mug

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