• Fly Vintage Super Cub T-Shirt

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  • A unisex military green T-shirt with a square front design featuring a green Boeing Stearman PT-17 biplane with a silver tail and wings. The aeroplane is taking off from a tree-lined runway and the sun is casting a shadow of it onto the grass. The artwork is aged with dust, scratches and watercolour brush marks. It includes the text, Fly Vintage Stearman.

    Fly Vintage Stearman T-Shirt

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  • A white ceramic mug featuring a grey and sepia-coloured misty mountain range, the Tea and Medals biplane logo, and the slogan, "A life of adventure."

    Tea and Medals Mountain Range Mug

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  • This colourful blue flask with whale under the sun artwork includes a detailed hand-drawn image by Tea and Medals resident artist, Salacia Celeste. This vibrant design features a blue whale swimming in the green ocean waves under an yellow Aztec sun. It also includes an octopus with long tentacles and a sailing galleon.

    Whale Art Travel Flask

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  • A metal travel mug with a black lid featuring a sepia coloured Tea and Medals mountain range design with biplanes. The slogan "a life of adventure" is written below the Tea and Medals logo.

    Tea and Medals Thermal Travel Mug

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  • The Tea and Medals Tiger Moth mug features a Fly Vintage logo with propeller and wings, "Tiger Moth" text and a blue and red digital watercolour image of two de Havilland DH82 biplanes flying through blue skies and thin layers of cloud.

    Fly Vintage Tiger Moth Mug

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  • The right side of a vintage-style white ceramic mug featuring the Tea and Medals logo and an art-deco Adventure Calls slogan. The mug includes 1930s photographs including the Ancient Pyramids, Sphynx, Taj Mahal, and an ocean liner on the Suez canal.

    Adventure Calls Vintage Mug

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  • A cream and coffee coloured 5 x 7" greetings card featuring Two Ladies on a Terrace artwork by Salacia Celeste. The design includes two Indian ladies with a picnic and rolling hills in the background.

    5 x 7″ Indian Art Greetings Card

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  • Fly Vintage Tiger Moth T-Shirt

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Done with the day's adventures?

...it's time for Tea and Medals!

Our Products

The Tea and Medals shop sells exclusive adventure-themed T-shirts and apparel, prints, gifts, homeware, and artwork. We design our products and print them to order, and we want every one of our exclusive designs to reflect the culture we choose to live by: Dream big, play hard, explore further. The spirit of Tea and Medals is our belief that life is for living, loving, playing and discovering more; for learning, growing and expanding what we know and who we are. Our designs embody the spirit of the great pioneers, adventurers and explorers, be they real or fictional. You don't have to be Emily Earhart or Indiana Jones to feel the wanderlust; there are things to learn and discover all around us. Every day spent on our beautiful planet Earth can be an adventure of sorts!

Our range

We offer a range of design products and gifts that is expanding all the time. Browse our full Tea and Medals shop and sign up for our newsletter to find out more about our new product releases and offers. There's something for everyone with the spirit of adventure, burning inside them. Our Fly Vintage range is our first product line designed to appeal to pilots and aviation enthusiasts with a love of vintage aeroplanes, barnstormers and biplanes; wing walkers, stunt flyers tail dragging weekend warriors who still take to the skies in beautiful flying machines from the 1930s,40s and 50s. This vintage period was the golden era of flying.

Aviation Products

We love aviation. At night we dream of floating on a sea of fluffy, light-drenched clouds, alone in our open-cockpit vintage biplane, gazing to the horizon as the fiery sun sinks below to end another day. Every aviator knows a long sortie should end with a trip home in time for tea and medals with friends. Few adventures can match that visceral experience, and we want to capture a taste of it in all our upcoming aviation designs. Our aviation gift range includes mugs, T-shirts and cool custom items to make you reach for the skies.

Beautiful, vibrant artwork to brighten your day

The Tea and Medals is home to our resident artist, Salacia Celeste, who is busy producing traditional freehand art designs. Salacia's work is all strictly good vibes only - one of the cornerstones of our brand. Her designs embrace our inherent need to dream of something better and be free to fantasise and explore the essence of who we are. Salacia's designs are universally colourful and vibrant, with oodles of freehand detail delicately applied to the page using traditional art materials including Derwent Inktense pencils, Sakura fineliners and Faber-Castell Polychromos pencils. These exclusive designs have been digitally adapted to print on our products using high-quality professional processes.

Graphic design T-shirts? We have you covered...

We love to travel, learn new things, and meet those interesting people who don't necessarily live by the conventions of modern society. Tea and Medals admire the trailblazers who wear their hearts on their sleeves, even when the odds are stacked against them. Salute the surfers, climbers, hikers, athletes, snowboarders, pilots, explorers, divers, inventors and trailblazers. Young or old, beginners or experts, they deserve our standing ovations because these 21st-century pioneers know what they want, and don't stop trying until they achieve their dreams.

Tea and Medals Rise offers a range of cool graphic design prints in our online shop. These ideas are fresh from the sun-drenched rock montage in our heads. Our Rise achievement and motivation-themed designs celebrate the drive and passion that ring the Victory bell to pull us up for our greatest round yet!

Tea and Medals - Unique gifts for a life of adventure

The Tea and Medals online shop is regularly updating and extending our product range to include a comprehensive line of unique aviation gifts, original art gifts, travel gifts, clothing and apparel, homeware, stationery, drinkware and more. We have mugs, bottles and flasks that feature colourful wrap-around prints and are even dishwasher safe, making them fantastic gifts for special occasions or just simple, special days. Our range of clothing and apparel includes crew neck and V-neck unisex T-shirts, women's T-shirts, caps, hoodies, vintage shirts and more. Salacia Celeste's original art ranges include high-quality archive giclée prints, matte and satin prints, framed artwork, postcards and greetings cards.

A sepia-coloured misty mountain range with the Tea and Medals logo, biplane and mountain graphic overlay.
This vibrant and colourful artwork includes a detailed hand-drawn image containing a blue whale swimming in the green sun under an Aztec sun. A galleon is sailing on the sea and octopus tentacles reach up from beneath the waves.
A unisex military green T-shirt with a square front design featuring a green Boeing Stearman PT-17 biplane with a silver tail and wings. The aeroplane is taking off from a tree-lined runway and the sun is casting a shadow of it onto the grass. The artwork is aged with dust, scratches and watercolour brush marks. It includes the text, Fly Vintage Stearman.
Tea and Medals is a print-on-demand product shop founded, produced and managed by Paul Carpenter Film and Media.


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