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  • A unisex military green T-shirt with a square front design featuring a green Boeing Stearman PT-17 biplane with a silver tail and wings. The aeroplane is taking off from a tree-lined runway and the sun is casting a shadow of it onto the grass. The artwork is aged with dust, scratches and watercolour brush marks. It includes the text, Fly Vintage Stearman.

    Fly Vintage Stearman T-Shirt

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  • Fly Vintage Tiger Moth T-Shirt

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  • Fly Vintage Super Cub T-Shirt

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  • The Tea and Medals Tiger Moth mug features a Fly Vintage logo with propeller and wings, "Tiger Moth" text and a blue and red digital watercolour image of two de Havilland DH82 biplanes flying through blue skies and thin layers of cloud.

    Fly Vintage Tiger Moth Mug

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